A brief history

On my retirement journey, to have fun Learning, Creating and Connecting.  

The importance of community and small businesses in Ottawa is a topic close to my heart. Old Ottawa South is my home to a diverse and lively walkable community that appreciates the unique offerings of small businesses. 

Seeing the community actively supporting small businesses by shopping locally and participating in community events helps create a thriving environment. To have small businesses give back to the community by sponsoring local events, contributing to charities, and engaging in community projects  it benefits everyone involved.  

By acknowledging the value of small businesses and actively participating in their success, the community can help create a prosperous and flourishing environment for everyone. 

EcoAce was created by Guy Souliere  before retirement and after graduating from the Algonquin College Green Business Management course in 2010 that no longer available 

I have over 45 years of experience operating a successful telecom business called Guytel . As entrepreneur and tradesman and natural handyman i have enjoyed renovating my homes and cottage.

EcoAce in 2010 was created as a partnership, operated by Guy Souliere and my son Gabriel in Ottawa Ontario, working on small handyman projects with the idea to help individuals by provide tools and knowledge to do their own project. Gabriel has gone throught red seal certification as a Mason and has moved to Calgary 

Since 2011 sparked the Idea, as the contractor to build a geodesic dome at Brewer Park Community Garden and volunteered as the maintenance coordinator.

Since 2010 At SEAlliance.ca I worked to help small businesses intergrate sustainability in their operations and in 2023 have merged with Smartnet Coalition non profit. 

Acting as vice president and focussed on its ottawa chapter to get sustainability ninded businesses to work together 

In 2023  co created My Sustainable Business Path  having a goal to connect entrepreneurs on this sustainability journey.  

On my retirement journey, i wish to to have fun to Learn, Create and Connect.  

The importance of community and small businesses in Ottawa cannot be overstated. The community supports and promotes local businesses, which contribute to the city's growth. Ottawa's diverse community values small businesses for their unique offerings, job creation, and entrepreneurial spirit. The community supports small businesses by shopping locally, attending events, and spreading the word. In return, small businesses sponsor events, donate to charities, and participate in community initiatives. They also offer unique products and services, enhancing the shopping experience. The relationship between the community and small businesses is symbiotic, creating a thriving environment for all.